Strategic Support Unit

Whether you’re looking to improve a specific area of your organisation, or need urgent support in a crisis, the Strategic Support Unit (SSU) can help your students’ union to be as strong as it can be.

Focusing on organisational development, SSU assists students’ unions to:

  • Identify areas for improvement, including developing innovations alongside unions to lead the movement in new directions
  • Get in touch with the highest caliber external organisations to conduct specific pieces of work
  • Work through organisational crises and particular challenges, providing bespoke support along the way

 The Strategic Support Unit performs its role through a number of mechanisms including:

The Preferred Suppliers’ Scheme 

A catalogue of respected organisations with students’ union experience who contribute not only through their work within individual unions, but also by providing a commission to NUS which helps support our crisis work


An organisational development tool during which desk based research and stakeholder interviews allow the team to highlight key areas for improvement

Quality Students’ Unions

The movement’s quality assessment scheme informs the work of the unit and allows students’ unions to set key improvement targets and showcase their current strengths


The SSU employs expert staff with three key specialisms: Innovation, Strategy and Trusteeship. They can develop a bespoke piece of work with a students’ union to have significant impact within a relatively short space of time.

We are here to help strengthen your union, making our national movement as effective as it can be.