Leadership on Race Equity

NUS Race Matters Report highlighted the significant work that needs to take place in Students' Unions to tackle racial inequality. This course has been designed specifically for CEO's and Senior Managers in Students' Unions to build a knowledge and understanding of Race and Racism in order to use their position in the organisation to make the strategic decisions that will ensure that Black staff and officers are able to enter and thrive in the organisation.

As the training is most relevant to CEO’s and Senior Managers with staff teams we will be looking at FE unions (and HE unions with no staff) in relationship to our Race Matters Programme of work separately in the future.

 As a result of attending this course you will be able to:

  • Discuss issues related to Race and Racism
  • Organise opportunities to further personal learning on racism
  • Organise opportunities to further others' learning on racism
  • Resource and prioritise work on racism at an organisational level
  • Advocate for race equity in your organisation

Who should attend:

CEOs or Senior Leaders of students' unions

Students' Union Trustee Board Members

HR Managers

Department Managers

Course Information:

Future dates to be announced once confirmed - in house training options are available! Please contact


£98 per person

The impact of this course on individuals and the organisation is:

  • Increased levels of trust in the Senior Leadership Team among Black, Muslim and Jewish staff, officers and volunteers
  • Increased engagement with Union from Black, Muslim and Jewish staff, officers and volunteers
  • Increased visible leadership from Senior Leadership on race equity  
  • Increased confidence and comfort in dealing with race equity issues including tackling racism

As a part of the training you will learn how to:

  • Recognise how to confront personal feelings to overcome in-action on racial justice
  • Articulate the systemic nature of racism
  • Recognise the emotional impact of racism
  • Describe how racism (including islamophobia and anti-Semitism) manifests in your organisation
  • Recognise your personal role and responsibility in fighting racism
  • Determine potential action to take to respond to racism at a cultural and institutional level
  • Identify methods to increase your understanding of racism, and of others around you

NUS 100

This course is all about students’ unions being diverse, inclusive and equitable organisations, supporting them to attract and retain outstanding people.

What people have said about this course:

'It was a really insightful and thought provoking day. Thanks to [the trainer] for such expert delivery and facilitation.'

'I felt like I learnt so much and everyone was really supportive and on board.'

‘I learned a huge amount and feel committed to transferring this into my everyday life, at work and at home.'



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