Workplace by Facebook

Members have been asking for a more sophisticated approach to collaboration between each other across the movement. More and more organisations are moving towards enterprise social networking solutions such as Yammer, Slack or Microsoft Teams. There is an opportunity to try something similar across the student movement. We do not allow posts of a commercial nature to be posted on the platform.  If you would like to discuss commercial opportunities with NUS  please contact the NUS Membership Support team.

NUS has explored several of the most popular platforms for their suitability. Workplace by Facebook is the most interesting given our key considerations: working at scale, managing authenticity and privacy/information security.

The NUS Charity Board has now approved the launch of  Workplace by Facebook for the movement.

Full details of the benefits can be found here.

Information on the training we offer on the platform can be found here.

How it’s working

Workplace by Facebook is a completely separate platform to Facebook. Accounts, groups and pages on Facebook are not linked in any way to Workplace.

NUS has set up a Workplace instance, available to staff from any affiliated students’ union. In Workplace, NUS has set up multi-company groups so people who already use the platform can also participate. 


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A list of groups can be found here

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