Lead and Change


We’re excited to announce that registrations for this year’s Lead and Change events are now open.  This year’s course has been designed as an online programme, promising to provide networking opportunities and the chance to develop the skills you’ll need during your time in office.


Don't miss out on the chance to build your network for the year ahead whilst also developing your leadership skills and your understanding of the key issues we face as a student movement.


You will collaborate with fellow officers in groups led by experienced staff members from across the student movement, as well as attending networking sessions by region and issue. You will also receive access to a host of curated content from our partners and leaders within their respective fields.


These resources will cover a wide range of topics, such as: essential leadership skills, understanding power and privilege and the importance of self and collective care. This training will enhance your ability to create the change you want to see in your union.


What to expect?

  • Opportunity to meet new people and build your network 
  • Development of leadership and organisational skills
  • Issue-specific networking and content
  • Inspiring tutors from within our sector
  • Safe space to share ideas and hear from others
  • Updates on wider NUS campaigns, how you can get involved and the support available to you and your SU


What are some key outcomes for you and your union?

  • A more inclusive students' union
  • Improved resilience
  • Wider student engagement with the students' union
  • Increased confidence of leading as a student officer
  • Increased success across your campaigns and manifesto objectives
  • Improved network of fellow student officers


Course Information:


Who should attend?


Course timings

Registration deadline

Week 1

July 27-31

1st and 2nd Year Officers



See agenda below

July 17 2020

Week 2

August 3-7

1st and 2nd Year Officers



See agenda below

July 17 2020




We want to ensure all delegates get the most from the experience and with that in mind, we have decided to spread the ‘live content’ over five days. This approach means we can offer two engaging, live sessions each day, whilst also providing you with access to the collection of curated content to work through at your own pace.


- 1st Year Officers



 - 2nd Year Officers


*note – delegates will also be provided access to the two networking sessions which take place during the week they aren’t attending*



£139 per Officer + VAT


How do I register?:


Registration links can be found below:



   Week 1 (27-31 July) 



   Week 2 (3-7 August) 



Please note that in order to ensure a great experience for officers, capacity will be limited to 200 officers per week.



For more details contact the Learning and Development team