Introduction to Parliament

An online module that introduces and explores the workings of Parliament and Government as well as different legislations that affect student union's.

As a result of the training you will be able to:

  • Plan action directed at the appropriate body or officials
  • Get in touch with your local MP or a Lord

Who should attend:

For representation, democracy and campaigns staff and officers.


Online modules are run through a portal called U-Learn. To register for U-Learn and gain access to this Learning Academy course, please follow the link below


This course is part of our free Learning Academy offer.

Impact of training on individuals and organisations:

  • Greater understanding of the Government
  • Greater understanding of Parliament
  • Understanding of laws that relate to SU’s

As part of the training you will:

  • Differentiate between a Government and Parliament.
  • Describe what individual positions in Parliament and Government do.
  • Explain how to contact your MP
  • Recognise which legislation affect students' unions

NUS 100

This course is all about students’ unions being diverse, inclusive and equitable organisations, supporting them to attract and retain outstanding people.


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