NUS’ Equality and Diversity Support Unit

The Equality and Diversity Support Unit has been established since 2011, as part of NUS Charitable Services to enhance students' union quality improvement and talent management.

The Equality and Diversity Support Unit was created as a result of the findings from the last several annual NUS Diversity Surveys.

The aim of the Equality and Diversity Support Unit is to diversify the workforce of students’ unions and has the following mission - ‘our vision is of a student movement where equality and diversity is central to its’ success; where inclusive practice is embedded and students’ unions are beacons of best practice in all aspects of equality and diversity’.

Over the last several years the Diversity Survey data has shown that although the students’ union workforce is relatively diverse overall, there is still a need to develop and implement strategies to improve equality and diversity, especially in relation to gender and ethnicity.

Consequently the priorities for the Equality and Diversity Support Unit are to improve students’ unions equality and diversity practice, specifically through:

  1. implementing strategies to develop equality and diversity;
  2. increasing the number of black staff overall and especially in managerial roles; and
  3. increasing the number of women in senior management positions

The work undertaken by the Equality and Diversity Support Unit include:

  • Undertaking research i.e. the Diversity Survey and Black Staff Survey
  • Developing resources to support students’ unions with their equality and diversity practice
  • Providing training and development opportunities such as the Women in Leadership Conference, webinars about women’s leadership and a career development day for black staff
  • Providing mentoring opportunities for non-student staff
  • Providing equality and diversity advice and assistance
  • Reviewing current recruitment practices to ensure students’ unions invest in diverse recruitment practices that take diverse candidates into account

To find out more about the work of the Equality and Diversity Unit please contact Equality and Diversity Consultant, Mandeep Rupra-Daine: