Gender Identity and Trans

Gender Identity and Trans Good Practice Examples

Leeds University Union

At the Union the cleaning and helpdesk staff raised the fact they knew nothing about trans students and wanted to know more. As a result the Union’s Equality and Diversity Officer and a Student Advice staff member spoke to the Trans Reps on the Union’s LGBT society, who volunteered to do deliver Trans awareness training, with staff support.

‘The training was advertised in our all staff emails and there were 3 sessions available, 60 members of staff and students staff went along, and they tailored the training to who was there (so practical tips for security etc.) The training was so popular that more sessions were put on.

After the success of this training we have worked with HR and our society development coordinator to get different societies to provide all year round training on different groups of student which will complement the E&D training we already do.’ – Sarah Charlesworth, Student Engagement Coordinator

If you would like to provide a case study on promoting gender identity and trans equality please contact Equality & Diversity Consultant, Mandeep Rupra-Daine –