Mature and Part-Time Students


The Independent Commission on Fees reports that mature student applications in England have fallen by more than 18,000 (a 14 per cent decline) since the introduction of the new fees regime that allows up to £9000 to be charged.

The Commission, which was established to produce an independent analysis of the impact of changes to student fees, analysed UCAS admissions data. The UCAS figures only relate to full-time courses. Many older applicants study part-time, applying directly to the institution. Earlier HEFCE figures found a 40 per cent drop in the number of part-time students overall (Equality Challenge Unit).


Child Friendly Campaign Poster

This NUS resource can be downloaded and put up in students’ union’s offices and venues. It outlines the ten step programme NUS has devised to make campuses child-friendly. Unions that take part in the campaign will have the chance to gain accreditation for each of the steps they make achievements on.

Never too Late to Learn

This report presents the main findings of joint research by million+ and NUS investigating the experiences of people who go to university for the first time later in life.

NUS Mature and Part-time Students Campaign

This Campaign aims to represent, support and improve the experiences of mature and part-time students. It also provides a range of case studies on child friendly students’ unions