Creating Equity At Work

Creating Equity at Work Training is a one day course introducing and exploring ways to create an inclusive and equitable environment at work.

As a result of the training you will be able to:

  • Apply tips to counter or reduce your Unconscious Bias
  • Demonstrate allyship with colleagues from liberation groups
  • Articulate your learning to others to challenge oppressive or discriminatory behaviours and attitudes

Who should attend:

Any staff or officers employed by the students' union

Course Information:

Registration for these events will close 2 weeks prior to the session taking place and sessions are subject to reaching a minimum capacity being met - confirmation will be provided at the earliest opportunity.

To register, speak to your line manager to seek authorisation and then return a completed Booking Form (see button below) to - registrations will be on a first come, first serve basis.

*If you would like to host one of these sessions for a number of staff/Officers within your SU, we can also provide in-house sessions. Email for more info*


£85 - Full delegate

£65 - Limited number of spaces are available for FE and Small and Specialist Institutions.

Additional Information:

Impact of training for individuals and organisations:

  • More equitable and inclusive work place practices
  • Reduced barriers to employment and progression
  • Increased confidence with addressing equality, diversity and inclusion issues
  • Improved understanding and sensitivity towards a diversity of staff
  • Improved organisational reputation
  • Improved staff satisfaction and engagement

As a part of the training you will:

  • Recognise the importance of creating an inclusive and equitable environment for colleagues and for the organisation.
  • Differentiate between Liberation, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (LEDI) and clarify what they mean within the student movement.
  • Explore how the concepts of power, privilege and oppression manifest in everyday life.
  • Reflect on the impact unconscious bias can have and identify methods to counter your biases.
  • Identify how to support colleagues from liberation groups.
  • Assess what actions you can take to remove barriers faced by different groups entering and thriving in the workplace

NUS 100:

This course is all about students’ unions being diverse, inclusive and equitable organisations, supporting them to attract and retain outstanding people.

What people say about this course:

'I strongly agree that I feel more equipped to contribute to an equitable work environment.'

'As a direct result of this course I will be a better ally.'

'The course was really engaging and useful - thank you!'

'As a direct result of this course I will engage more with our members to ensure our policy work represents them better.'

'This course exceeded my expectations!'


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Have a large group of staff to train? 

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