Creating Equity At Work

Creating Equity at Work Training is a one day course introducing and exploring ways to create an inclusive and equitable environment at work.

As a result of the training you will be able to:

  • Apply tips to counter or reduce your Unconscious Bias
  • Demonstrate allyship with colleagues from liberation groups
  • Articulate your learning to others to challenge oppressive or discriminatory behaviours and attitudes

Who should attend:

Any staff or officers employed by the students' union

Course Dates:

14 February 2018, University of Manchester student's union

11 April 2018, NUS London

13 June 2018, NUS London

16 August 2018, NUS Macclesfield

25 October 2018, NUS London

(Registration for all of these dates will close 2 weeks before the start date on the respective Monday.)


£85 - Full delegate

£65 - Limited number of spaces are available for FE and Small and Specialist Institutions.

Additional Information:

Impact of training for individuals and organisations:

  • More equitable and inclusive work place practices
  • Reduced barriers to employment and progression
  • Increased confidence with addressing equality, diversity and inclusion issues
  • Improved understanding and sensitivity towards a diversity of staff
  • Improved organisational reputation
  • Improved staff satisfaction and engagement

As a part of the training you will:

  • Recognise the importance of creating an inclusive and equitable environment for colleagues and for the organisation.
  • Differentiate between Liberation, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (LEDI) and clarify what they mean within the student movement.
  • Explore how the concepts of power, privilege and oppression manifest in everyday life.
  • Reflect on the impact unconscious bias can have and identify methods to counter your biases.
  • Identify how to support colleagues from liberation groups.
  • Assess what actions you can take to remove barriers faced by different groups entering and thriving in the workplace

NUS 100:

This course is all about students’ unions being diverse, inclusive and equitable organisations, supporting them to attract and retain outstanding people.

What people say about this course:

'I strongly agree that I feel more equipped to contribute to an equitable work environment.'

'As a direct result of this course I will be a better ally.'

'The course was really engaging and useful - thank you!'

'As a direct result of this course I will engage more with our members to ensure our policy work represents them better.'

'This course exceeded my expectations!'


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