Activist Academy

We are partnering with Citizens UK to host a bespoke Community Organising training day for officers, staff and students interested in developing their members and participating more fully in their community.

We aim to equip attendees with the skills and knowledge needed to increase campaigning capacity in students’ unions by organising with skilled and sustainable campaigners, as well as increasing engagement in campaigns from the student body and allies.

The training day will be delivered by two professional Community Organisers and includes practical activities that will give delegates the opportunity to practise techniques used to negotiate with people, explore and examine where power lies, and work with a framework to understand successful campaigns and build their own successful campaigns.   

As a result of the training you will be able to:

  • Construct a strategy for a campaign that demonstrates an understanding of power
  • Prepare and deliver a plan to build support for your campaign amongst students and other allies
  • Develop and deliver tactics for your campaign that are effective and impactful

Who should attend:

Students' ​union ​staff ​and ​officers ​with ​remits ​to ​support ​organising, ​campaigning ​and ​activism ​in ​their ​local ​communities. This training is limited to two places per union. Ideally that would be made up of one staff member and one officer/student activist.


24 January 2018, NUS London

26 January 2018, thestudio, The Hive, 51 Lever Street, Manchester, M1 1FN

(Registration will close 2 weeks before the start date on the respective Monday.)


£30 per delegate

The impact of training for individuals and the organisation are:

  • Increased campaigning capacity in students’ unions through skilled and sustainable campaigns
  • Increased engagement in campaigns from student body and allies
  • Increased impact of campaigning activity

As a part of the training you will learn how to:

  • Identify what a campaign is
  • Identify what motivates people to act
  • Define areas of social change you want to work on
  • Explain how the concepts of power, privilege and oppression create inequality
  • List key considerations to ensure that your campaigns are inclusive
  • Identify what constitutes a SMART objective for a campaign
  • Demonstrate an understanding of power and how to build it
  • List ideas for effective and engaging campaign tactics
  • Demonstrate an understanding of appropriate tactics to use in specific situations

NUS 100:

This course is all about students’ unions being diverse, inclusive and equitable organisations, supporting them to attract and retain outstanding people.


If you have any queries about this event please email