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#HomeToV8te – support the right to choose in Ireland

NUSUK supports pregnant people’s right to choose.

On Friday 25 May 2018, the people of the Republic of Ireland will have an historic opportunity to change Ireland's strict abortion laws, which are currently upheld in the Eighth Amendment of the Irish constitution.

NUS-USI has long campaigned for abortion reform in Northern Ireland, and also works with USI (Union of Students in Ireland) to campaign for abortion reform which is specific to the Republic of Ireland (the repeal of the 8th Amendment).

The law which criminalises abortion in Northern Ireland, the 1861 Offences Against the Person Act, can be reformed by the ordinary legislative process in Northern Ireland Assembly, or the UK Parliament under direct rule. No referendum is required. Polls and surveys consistently demonstrate that a majority of people in Northern Ireland, regardless of their party political affiliation, support abortion reform.

In the Republic of Ireland, the process is different. The Irish government must hold a referendum to determine whether the 8th Amendment of the Irish Constitution will be repealed because any change to the Irish constitution must be approved by referendum.

We stand in solidarity with pregnant people in Ireland and are urging students’ unions across the UK to support the #HomeToV8te campaign to enable Irish students studying in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to travel home to vote in the referendum. 

Please see HomeToV8te voter registration FAQs and HomeToV8te campaign guide to find out how your SU can support the campaign. (Welsh version of guide).

Travel bursaries 

The travel bursary fund was limited and we can no longer accept any more applications.

Further information about the HomeToVote campaign in RoI is available at