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Human Resources Subcommittee

James Elliott

NUS Officer UK Board

Maraim Guled

Student Trustee UK board

Jo Thomas

Birmingham Guild of Students

Sarah Gosling

University of Nottingham students' union

Jacqui Clements

CharityBoard (University of Warwick Students' Union)

Alec Edgecliffe-Johnson

SU Officer Trustee NUS Services (Edinburgh University Students' Association)

Kate McKenzie

Lay Trustee / UK Board rep

Audit, Risk and Remuneration Subcommittee

Richard Brooks

VP Union Development


Student Trustee UK Board

Jon Berg

SU Staff

Alistair Wilson

Lay Trustee NUS UK (Chair)

Jim Gardner

SU Staff Trustee NUS Charity

Ceri Davies

NUS Services Director (Nottingham Trent University Union)

Conor Savage

SU officer Trustee NUS Services

NUS100 Advisory Group

Malia Bouatti

National President

Simon Blake


Alison Chappell

Deputy Chief Executive - voice and influence

Peter Robertson

Deputy Chief Executive - membership and union development

Graham Atkinson

Director of people, governance and performance

 Fflur Elin

NUS Wales President

Vonnie Sandlan

NUS Scotland President

Fergal McFerren

NUS-USI President

Elizabeth Bone

Head of Performance and Strategy

Jo Thomas Chief Executive, University of Birmingham Guild of Students
Gareth Hughes Chief Executive, Durham Students’ Union
Matthew Webber General Manager, Leeds Trinity Students’ Union
Emily Chapman President, Leeds City College Students’ Union
Naa Acquah General Secretary, University of Manchester Students’ Union
Busayo Twins General Secretary, London School of Economics Students' union



NUS extra Direction and Oversight Board

Gina Connelly

SU Staff University of Plymouth Students' Union

Aaron Salins

SU Staff University of Brighton Students' Union


SU Staff

Eleanor Keiller

SU Student officer Birmingham Guild of Students

Jamie Ali

SU Student officer Leeds University Union

Matt Robinson

NUS Services Board Director (Manchester Metropolitan University Students' Union)


Lay member


Lay member

UnionCloud Direction and Oversight Board

Jaki Booth

SU Staff University of Sheffield Students' Union

Henri Egle Sorotos

SU Staff University of Manchester Students' Union

Peter Shilton Godwin

SU Staff UCLAN Students' Union

Kirsty Paterson

SU Student officer University of Sunderland Students' Union

Gwyneth Sweatman

SU Student officer Trinity St. David's Union

Ceri Davies

NUS Services Board (Nottingham Trent University Union)


Lay member


Lay member

Trading Support Direction and Oversight Board

Luke Delderfield

SU Staff Hertfordshire Students' Union

Alan Williams

SU Staff Nottingham Trent University Union 

Tony Logan

SU Staff Kent University Union

Darren Clarke

SU Student officer Staffordshire University Students' Union

Alec Edge-cliffe Johnson

SU Student officer Edinburgh University Students' Union

Graeme Wood

NUS Services Board (Leeds University Union)


Lay member


Lay member

Student Opportunities Advisory Group

Tom Newman

SU Staff University of Gloucestershire Students' Union

Jamie Sratton

SU Staff University for the Creative Arts Students' Union

Kim McGuiness

SU Staff University of York Students' Union

Alun Minifey

SU Staff University of East Anglia Students' Union


Active Student Volunteer


Active Student Volunteer

 Amanda Chetwynd-Cowieson

SU Student Officer FXU (Falmouth & Exeter) Students' Union

 Kira Cox

SU Student Officer Liverpool Hope Students' Union

Matt Day

SU Student Officer Bangor University Students' Union


Lay member


Charity Board Trustee

Dave Jarman

Lay member

Talent Development Advisory Group

Marie Nixon

SU Staff University of Sunderland Students' Union

Mo Wiltshire

SU Staff 

Samantha Budd

SU Staff University of Bristol Students' Union

Jacqui Clements

NUS Charity Board (Warwick University Students' Union)

David Carse

SU Staff GCU Students' Union


Charity Board Trustee

 Amy Rust

SU Student officer UEA Students' Union

Kira Cox

SU Student officer Liverpool Hope Students' Union

 Daniel Nasr

SU Student officer Goldsmiths Students' Union

 Will Fry

SU Student officer University of Lincoln Students' Union

Roscoe Hastings

Lay member 

Phil Pilkington

Lay member

Environmental Sustainability Advisory Group

Rhys Dart

SU Staff Trinity St.Davids Students' Union

Amy Walsh

SU Staff University of Bristol Students' Union

 John Abell

SU Staff Coventry University Students' Union

Lucy Mason

Active Student Volunteer

Dorota Hajdukiewicz

Active Student Volunteer

Marco Brunone

Active Student Volunteer

Ayo Akinrele

SU Student Officer Liverpool Hope Students' Union

Rory Murray

SU Student Officer Kent University Students' Union

Sarah Gibbons

SU Student Officer University of Sussex Students' Union

Aiden Grills

NUS Charity Board (Leeds University Students' Union)

Jane Davidson

Lay Member

William Scott

Lay Member

Sara Parkin

Lay Member

Nick Goodman

Lay Member

Quality Advisory Group

Heidi Vistisen

SU Student Officer Queen Margaret University Students' Union

 Jo Goodman

SU Student Officer Birmingham City University Union

 Daniel Palmer

SU Staff Cardiff University Students' Union

 Andy Winter

SU Staff Nottingham University Students' Union

Aidan Grills

NUS Charity Board (Leeds University Union)

 Amy Norton

Lay member

 David Lock

Lay member

Tori Cherry Downs

Lay member

Mike Wilkinson

Lay member