Who's who on the NEC

The National Executive Council is made up of Officers and Councillors.

Officers are the political leadership of the organisation, elected by National Conference, Nations Conferences, Liberation Conferences and International Students Conference. They are responsible for the implementation of policy.

There are 39 councillors on the NEC who receive reports on the priority campaign and the work of each of the five zones. The role of a member of the NEC is to consult with students’ unions and scrutinise the reports made by officers. Councillors are responsible for scrutinising and shaping the direction of the political leadership. 

Councillors on NEC are made up of:

  • The Block of 15
  • 5 Zone Committee Members
  • 2 members from the Mature and Part-time Section
  • 2 members from the Postgraduate Section
  • 1 member from each of the Black, Disabled and Womens Liberation Campaigns
  • 1 member from the International Students Section
  • 1 member from each of the three nations.

With the officers they are responsible for setting policy and ensuring the officers are implementing it.


NEC will receive all paperwork before the meeting itself. They should identify areas of interest and consult with the membership on them. When consulting they need to make sure they have sought a balance of student views and remember that the membership of NUS is students’ unions.


The National Executive Council’s role is to provide strategic political leadership. The NEC should be reviewing the work of the zones, National President and the sub committees to make sure it is meeting the strategic political aims of NUS.


Full Time Officers

Malia Bouattia National President and Chair of NEC 2016-17 Follow Malia Bouattia
Shakira Martin Vice President (Further Education) Follow Shakira Martin
Sorana Vieru Vice President (Higher Education) Follow Sorana Vieru
Robbiie Young Vice President (Society and Citizenship)

Follow Rob Young
Richard Brooks Vice President (Union Development) Follow Richard Brooks
Shelly Asquith Vice President (Welfare) Follow Shelly Asquith
Aadam Muuse Black Students Officer

Follow Aadam Muuse
James Elliot Disabled Students Officer Follow James Elliott
Noorulann Shahid LGBT+ Officer (Open Place)  
Melantha Chittenden LGBT+ Officer (Womens Place)  
Hareem Ghani Womens Officer  
Mostafa Rajaai International Students' Officer Follow Mostafa Rajaai
Vonnie Sandlan NUS Scotland President Follow Vonnie Sandlan
Fflur Elin NUS Wales President Follow Fflur Elin
Fergal McFerran NUS-USI President Follow Fergal McFerran


NEC Councillors

Emily Chapman Further Education Zone
Danny Nasr Higher Education Zone
Tara Alade Society and Citizenship Zone
Helen Pritchard Union Development Zone
Hannah Dualeh Welfare Zone
Deborah Hermanns International Students
Esther Green Part Time Students
  Mature Students
Noha Abu El Magd Postgraduate Research
Mahamid Ahmed Postgraduate Taught
Barbara Ntumy Black Students
Rachel O'Brien Disabled Students
Amelia Horgan Women Students
Rob Henthorn NUS Scotland
Colum Mackey NUS-USI
Ruth Davage NUS Wales
Siôn Davies Block of 15 FE
Sahaya James Block of 15 FE
Daniel Nikolla Block of 15 FE
Jasmine Manning Block of 15 FE
Sean Mcnamee Block of 15 FE
Angela Alexander Block of 15
Yinbo Yu Block of 15
Hassun El Zafar Block of 15
Matt Grange Block of 15
Rachel Holland Block of 15
Zamzam Ibrahim Block of 15
Izzy Lenga Block of 15
Ali Milani Block of 15
Ana Oppenheim Block of 15
Omar Raii Block of 15