What is the National Executive Council?

The role of the NEC

Between meetings of National Conference, NEC oversees the political aspects of the organisation. Conferences hear reports from zones, liberation, nations and sections and ask questions of them. The NEC does the same. The National Executive Council solves disputes to do with the organisation’s priorities of work.

Carrying out zone policy is the responsibility of the Vice President for that zone and their committee. The NEC will receive reports from them on their work and may occasionally debate policy sent to them by National Conference.

The NEC can set up committees to look at issues that span more than one Zone, Nation, Liberation campaign or Section. Currently in existence and reporting back to NEC are the Anti-racism Anti-Fascism committee.

An important job of the NEC is to receive reports from the Trustee Board on key issues and prepare joint reports with them for National Conference. For Example, Budget Estimates are set by the NEC and Trustee Board jointly and then approved by National Conference.

What happens in an NEC meeting?

NEC meetings are comprised of 4 sections

Introduction and Administration

The NEC deal with issues such the approval of the previous minutes

Reports and Accountability

The Vice Presidents are held to account, the Trustee minutes are scrutinised and Nations, Liberation and Section reports are noted.

Strategy and Policy Development

NEC Recieve Updates on Ongoing Priorities and Develop Political Strategy

Motions and Proposals

NEC acts as an interim policymaking body between meetings of National Conference to discuss issues which need addressing immediately. Our Guide to NEC Motion Debate Key Terminology can assist you in following the debate process. Policy agreed by the NEC comes into immediate effect once voted on but for it to become part of the National Union’s policy it needs to be adopted by the next National Conference and then will by live for three years. NEC Policy Can be Found on Our Live Policy Pages

More Detail on the NEC is in our Rules and Articles