Officers now submit accountability reports as videos, which you can view below. Click the cog at the bottom of the YouTube video to access the settings and turn on subtitles if you need them. 

Students' Unions are now able to ask questions to be put to student officers at NEC meetings.


Submit a question

Please submit a question via the online form here


The deadline to submit questions for this meeting is Thursday 13 September 12 Noon


Only the UK National President and Vice Presidents are accountable to NEC, so we will only put questions to these officers at NEC meetings.

However, all officers are accountable to their members, either those in the Nations, or those who define within liberation or sections campaigns. If you have questions of officers other than the UK officers, please contact them directly. As this is a new process, we'd love your feedback here:  


NUS UK Officers 

National President


No report submitted


Vice President Further Education


Vice President Higher Education

Vice President Society and Citizenship


Vice President Union Development


No report submitted


Vice President Welfare


International Students Officer


No report submitted


Nations Officers

NUS Scotland President


No report submitted


NUS-USI President


No report submitted


NUS Wales President


Liberation Officers 

Black Students Officer


No report submitted


Disabled Students Officer


No report submitted


LGBT+ Officer (Open Place)


LGBT+ Officer (Women's Place)


No report submitted


Trans Officer


No report submitted


Women’s Officer