Students' Union Quality Advisory Group

The purpose of this committee is to advise the Board of NUS Charitable Services so that they can ensure the quality mark reflects the needs of participating unions, making changes to themes and measurements where necessary.

Improving organisational quality, the NUS quality mark (Quality Students’ Unions) has been developed by NUS to assure and improve the quality, standards and overall effectiveness of students’ unions.

The committee scrutinises management of the quality mark and the audit requirements.

It oversees and scrutinises the work of the Strategic Support unit, including making recommendations to the Board of NUS Charitable Services on commissioning and contracting external consultants

Make Recommendations to the NUS Charitable Services Board about:

  • the strategic development of the quality mark and associated work;
  • descriptors of the scheme;
  • developments of new opt-in ‘spokes’ linked to the core scheme;
  • how to protect the integrity of the model and the underlying quality system used; and
  • how to maintain and improve the model as developments are recommended by unions and NUS.

This committee is made up of:

  • 2 SU Student Officers
  • 2 Student Union Staff
  • 1 NUS Charity Trustee
  • 3 Lay members

What happens at meetings?

The committee will scrutinise management of the quality mark and the audit requirements, including: assessment criteria, approval of auditor appointments, receiving reports of trends arising from audits.