Environmental Sustainability Advisory Group

The Environmental Sustainability Advisory Group will act as a high-level think-tank on sustainability and social responsibility for NUS. It reports to the NUS Charitable Services Board.

This committee will advise the NUS Charitable Services Board on new thinking on environmental sustainability work in the student movement. It will also oversee strategic relationships with partner organisations such as HEFCE, HEFCW, HEA.

Sustainability - Helping ensure impact and sustainability, we’re supporting students in taking action on sustainability across campuses, curriculums and communities. In tackling today’s environmental, economic and social problems.

  • Promote an inspiring and appropriate long-term vision for our sustainability work that will steer NUS and the wider students’ union movement;
  • have a challenging and effective strategy to deliver the vision;
  • identify, and react to, strategic barriers and opportunities in the short, medium and long-term;
  • react to policy;
  • identify, and develop, influential and effective strategic partnerships;
  • ensure that our current, and planned, sustainability programmes, projects and engagements are effective methods of delivering the vision.

This committee is made up of:

  • 3 Student Union Staff
  • 2 Active Student Volunteers
  • 3 SU Student Officers
  • 1 NUS Charity Trustee
  • 4 Lay Trustees

What happens at meetings?

The committee receives updates on the work of the Green team and scrutinises this work to ensure it will achieve its plans and stay in line with the mission, vision and values.