NUS Charitable Advisory Groups


The Advisory Groups are there to support the decision making of the NUS Charitable Services Board in matters of Student opportunities, development, quality and environmental sustainability.

Committed to building strong students’ unions

We support unions in a variety of ways and some of this work is driven and overseen by the Advisory Groups, these are:

The Advisory Groups also provide a scrutiny function. The Groups will be chaired by an NUS Officer or one of the Student Officers. They will ordinarily meet four times per calendar year. Individual members of the groups will be informal ambassadors for these streams of work.

They help us to ensure that we effectively represent our members and students’ unions, ensuring they have the tools and resources to represent their members.

SU Officer volunteer opportunities

We are looking for passionate people to apply for the vacant positions on our Charity Advisory Groups and Direction and Oversight Boards. We ran 2 rounds of elections during April and May 2017 and as we still have vacancies we've decided to now open this up for an application process instead of an election. Please read the role profile and complete the form below if you would like to apply. Once all applications are received, the Student Officer's elected earlier this year to the DOBs and CAGS for 2017/18 will decide who they would like to appoint.

We currently have the following Officer positions available on our Charity Advisory Groups:

  • 1 x Officer positions on the Students' Union Quality CAG
  • 1 x Officer positions on the Student Opportunities CAG
  • 1 x Officer positions on the Talent Development CAG
  • Environmental Sustainability CAG - all 3 of the positions on this CAG were filled. Sam Pillow from Staffordshire SU, Kristina Kjonigsen from Roehampton SU and Shane Voight from Brighton SU were all elected unoppsoed in May 2017.

You need to make sure you read the role profile to understand what the role involves and what would be expected of you should you be selected. In the event of you being successful you will be required to sign that you have read and understood: