2018/19 Elections to the DOBs and CAGs - The results are in!!

The elections for the volunteer positions on the 2018/19 Charity Advisory Groups and the Direction and Oversight Boards have now concluded. We can announce that the following SU Officers have been elected to sit on each:

Candidate information can be found here. The count sheet for the 4 elections (Trading, NUS extra, Ethical Engagement DOB and Sustainability CAG) can be found here.

Trading DOB

Name & Union: Amna Atteeq - Aston Students' Union

Name & Union: Thomas Platt - Teesside University SU

Ethichal Engagement DOB

Name & Union: Ahmed Mahbub - Queen Mary Students Union

Name & Union: Mel Kee - Sheffield Students' Union

NUS extra DOB

Name & Union: Tom Snape - KeeleSU

Name & Union: Ahtesham Mahmood - De Montfort Students' Union

Environmental Sustainability CAG

Name & Union: Dan Bocharnikov - Edge Hill University

Name & Union: Samuel Gibbons - Keele Students' Union

Name & Union: Kat Colangelo - London South Bank Students' Union


Elected unopposed to the following CAGs:

Student Opportunities CAG

Name & Union: Sarah Redman - Falmouth and Exeter Students' Union

Name & Union: Tash Crump - Staffordshire University Students' Union

Student Union Quality CAG

Name & Union: Luke Myer – Edgehill Students’ Union

Name & Union: Harry Bishop - FXU

Talent Development CAG

Name & Union: Feidhelm Doolin - Liverpool Hope Students' Union

Name & Union: Chuchu Nwagu – Roehampton SU