1. Secure code requests

Secure codes were emailed to CEO/GM and union’s president, so you need to liaise with them in first instance. If they haven’t received the code or are unsure of what it is, please ask one of them to e-mail NUS Events Team or Customer Services and we will be able to resend this information.

2. Registration problems (auto filling, group registrations, changing email addresses)

To avoid the registration system from auto filling in information when you first put in your email address and click the option you require as well as your secure code then the registration will ask you for your password. Don’t put your password in but look to the right of the screen and click start new registration. Your email will then appear at the top of the form and all other spaces will be blank; please fill in the details of your delegate. At the bottom of this page is a space for you to enter the email address of the delegate if this differs from your email address. At the end of the registration process you will be given the option to add other delegates to your group.

3. Accommodation details

When applicable, all details about accommodation are included in the event joining instructions, available on the events page on NUS Connect.

4. Cost before starting registration

The cost of each event can be found in event’s description on NUS connect.

5. Delegate entitlement

All details about delegates’ entitlement to attend NUS conferences can be found on NUS Connect. Simply follow the link, and click on ‘Affiliation’ in the menu on left hand side to find out information relevant to your union.

6. When will we be invoiced for the event

Your union will be invoiced after the event within 14 days, so any changes to the booking can be taken in account.