Women’s Officer

Hareem Ghani


As-salāmu ʿalaykum,

I'm Hareem and I was recently re-elected as the National Women's Officer! Previously, I served as the KCLSU Women's Officer and co-founded an anti-harassment campaign titled "It Stops Here".

When I'm not campaigning, I can be found eating fried chicken or trying to complete my History degree.

This year I'll be working on:

- Combatting Violence Against Women: this includes producing a report on student-staff harassment, developing bystander intervention training, researching domestic violence in FE and pushing for universities and colleges to provide academic support for survivors (e.g. eventuating circumstances)

- Reproductive Justice: hosting a national summit, campaigning on cheaper contraceptives - mainly the pill, revamping the #FreePeriods Campaign

- Intersectionality: developing a section on intersectionality for NUS Hub, kicking off a tour on Gendered Islamophobia, creating resources on Women in Detention and working with the Black Students' Campaign to capture the experiences of women of colour in education

Studied history at King's College London
Former KCLSU Women's Officer