Vice President (Welfare)

Izzy Lenga

It’s an honour and privilege to be VP Welfare this year and I’m super excited to work together to improve and change students’ lives and ensure that no welfare issue becomes a barrier to accessing and achieving in education. If you have questions on anything welfare related, get in touch!

Students' wellbeing is fundamental to their success. I’m really excited to work with SUs in HE, FE and apprenticeships and to ensure the Welfare Campaign is relevant to the specific issues students face. My main priorities for this year include:

- Mental Health
- Social Media
- Housing
- Cost of Living
- Interfaith
- Hate Crime

If you have any questions on this, want to know the specifics of each point or are planning to work on any of these issues then please do drop me a message.

Oh and also, I aim to kick the fascists off campus.

Studied theology and religion at University of Birmingham
Former Birmingham Guild of Students  Education Officer