NUS President

NUS National President Zamzam Ibrahim

Message from Zamzam Ibrahim, NUS National President

Hello Everyone,


I’m Zamzam Ibrahim, NUS President, it’s been a wonderful start to the year, and now we have time to catch our breath I want to reintroduce you all to our wonderful officer team.  

Being President over the last few months add to my sense that I’ve served in the student movement a while now, as both a sabbatical officer at the University of Salford Students’ Union, and as Vice President Society and Citizenship at NUS last year. Through these experiences I’ve come to love what our students’ unions can do for students and appreciate the role NUS has in supporting students’ unions.


My agenda for the year ahead is simple and I have two priorities:


The first is to see NUS through transition effectively. As President and Chair of the Board I’m going to lead NUS beyond safety and to the new NUS. There’s so much we can achieve with a reformed NUS - there are so many students who need us to succeed - and together we are going to build a new NUS, which is in students’ unions and winning for students every day.


Secondly, with the officer team I’ll be running a campaign that our whole sector can get on board with. We need to get students’ unions back together, working on the issues which can transform our students lives. For me, that’s the creation of a National Education Service, with education and lifelong learning free from ‘cradle-to-grave’.


Finally, I want to reflect on how far we’ve come. Last year NUS got to safety and saw reform approved, all thanks to the incredible efforts of students’ unions, staff, and officers.  We’ve got through a difficult hurdle, but we can’t relax. Together we will continue to make bold decisions to sustain our national union for the future generation of students.

Everyone who works in this sector does so because they believe students can transform education and society as well.  My belief is no different and from now until my last day I will work to that end


We have the opportunity to harness the energy of 7 million students to build a better world. Let’s seize it.


See you all soon!

Stay Blessed

Zamzam Ibrahim