LGBT+ Officer (Women’s Place)

Beth Douglas


Hello! I'm Beth, your LGBT+ Officer (Women's Place) for the coming year.

This year, working with Noorulann and the LGBT+ committee, my priorities include creating toolkits for students' unions on how to support student sex workers inside and outside of work, while continuing to fight for decriminalisation. I’ll also be changing how we interact and work with the nations and nations’ LGBT+ officers. I want to make sure we are supporting issues and priorities specific to the nations so we can fight together for LGBT+ equality across the whole of the UK.

We must be bold, radical and intersectional if we truly want liberation, both in education and wider society. This year let’s work together to focus on creating a campaign that does exactly that.


Studied English at James Watt College and Social Policy and Politics at the University of West Scotland
Former NUS Scotland LGBT+ Officer