LGBT+ Officer

Rob Noon

Hello I’m Rob, NUS LGBT+ Officer.

This year, the NUS LGBT+ campaign is putting a focus on the welfare issues at the heart of our community. We're really excited to be collaborating with the Disabled Students' campaign and Welfare campaign to highlight the experiences of LGB and especially trans student experiences of university accommodation, winning the argument for students to have the option of LGBT+ only halls if there's a need for them as well as working to best support estranged students, which we know are disproportionately likely to be LGBT+.

Building on our proud history of taking a stance against injustice - not just in education, but in wider society - we're also acting in solidarity with LGBT+ prisoners, working together with Books Beyond Bars UK  to raise awareness of sexual health inequality for our LGBT+ siblings on the inside through our #PrePinPrisons project.

Finally, we can't wait to be hosting a series of training days for LGBT+ student activists and society leaders from all over the UK. The first of these will be led by my fantastic NEC second place Sara Khan and is themed around how we can develop the anti-racist politics and practice of student LGBT+ spaces.