Welfare | Zones Conference 2017

Welfare is one of the 5 areas of focus at Zones Conference, there will be a total of 4 sessions plus accountability.  Please note: regsitration closes 12pm Monday 9 October, sign up now Your Welfare session tasters can be found below, see the full agenda for running order of the whole conference.

#NoSpaceForHate – Reclaiming Social Media

Speaker: Minda Burgos-Lukes / Head of Liberation NUS

This session will provide a space to explore the impact of social media, find out how it is used by students, identify the challenges and opportunities we face in its use and consider how we can reclaim and occupy social media as a positive space.

The internet has transformed education, but social media can threaten our freedom to learn and become a breeding-ground for bullies and perpetrators of violence and harassment. A number of high-profile incidents involving students’ unions officers have increased the need to tackle online bullying and harassment. But this is an issue that affects everyone.

The student movement create solutions when confronted with challenges presented by social media and redefine the unwritten rules of how it is used, reclaiming it as a space for social good.


It’s time for proper student housing plans

Speaker: Fleur Priest-Stephens Policy Consultant: Welfare and Community NUS

In this workshop delegates will start to design a charter to hold private landlords to account and design a local election pledge to put pressure on the private rented sector.

Student housing is in a mess - from unaffordable rents and charges to building being unsafe and unregulated, students unions need to be holding accommodation providers to account. Private landlords are often the main offenders when it comes to poor quality housing.


Supporting Interfaith work on campus (panel discussion)

Speaker: Izzy Lenga, VP Welfare NUS & National Faith Groups

With hate crime on the rise in our towns and on our campuses, it has never been more important to build and support our student’s faith groups.

Speakers on this panel include Izzy Lenga, VP Welfare NUS & National Faith Groups


Sticking plasters don’t work when it comes to mental health

Speaker: Izzy Lenga and Katie Shaw

In this session we will outline an ambitious project to train mental health first aiders across students unions and deliver some top training tips to Welfare Officers on how to not only look after your students, but to look after yourselves when supporting student mental health.

Student mental health seems to be on everybody’s lips at the moment – from our Prime Minister to our Principles and VC’s, yet they’re only paying lip service to the causes and how to tackle it. As we’ve seen cases of poor student mental health increase, funding for support services have been cut and students have been told to be more resilient.


Welfare accountability will take place on day 2 at 9am.

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