Union Development | Zones Conference 2017

Union Development is one of the 5 areas of focus at Zones Conference, there will be a total of 4 sessions plus accountability.  Please note: regsitration closes 12pm Monday 9 October, sign up now Your Union Development session tasters can be found below, see the full agenda for running order of the whole conference.

Breaking down the barriers to sport and activities

Speaker: Ali Milani

This workshop is for officers to help identify the barriers their members have to participating in activities.

We will also explore how to measure the benefits of participation for students', unions' and community. It will culminate in working out how we can best make the argument for greater funding of student activities to help student retention and attainment.


International Students' Unions

Speaker: Ali Milani and Yinbo Yu

We are relaunching the Internalising Student Experience tool kit to help students' union improve their services and representation for their members in a very different context.

This session will help officers start to think about changes they can make.


Put your money where your values are

Speaker: Stop Funding Hate

Ethical values have always been a big part of the student movement. In this session we explore Stop Funding Hate's campaign to take on the divisive hate campaigns of the Sun, Daily Mail and Daily Express by persuading advertisers to pull their support. We will explore what role students' unions can play.

The Activities Fund - what is it and how can you access it.

Speaker: Ali Milani

This workshop will help officers to identify opportunities for students activities on their campus to receive funding from the recently launched Activities Fund


Union Development accountability will take place on day 1 at 3.10pm.

Registration for Zones conference will close at 12pm Monday 9 October, sign up now. Already registered? Let us know #MyZones