Higher Education | Zones Conference 2017

Higher Education is one of the 5 areas of focus at Zones Conference, there will be a total of 4 sessions plus accountability.  Please note: regsitration closes 12pm Monday 9 October, sign up now Your seHigher Education session tasters can be found below, see the full agenda for running order of the whole conference.

Campaigning together and learning from each other

Speaker: Simon Tiller and Karen Larbi / Policy NUS

There is a wealth of knowledge, experience and great HE campaigning ideas spread across local unions. This session will look at how you can best share these resources, learn from and support one another.

Whether you’ve run a great feedback campaign on your campus and have tips for everyone else, or you’re looking to start a campaign around hidden course costs and want some advice – come along to find out more, including learning more about NUS’ new HE campaigns project.


What does Brexit mean for Higher Education?

Speaker: Holly Staynor/ Policy NUS

This session will look at what Brexit means for Higher Education, and more importantly, what students' unions and the student movement can do to tackle it.

From the impact on international students to the impact on the loss of EU funding streams for universities and higher education providers, the UK's exit from the European Union is looking to plunge British Higher Education into a great unknown.


Tackling the Black Attainment Gap

Speaker: Amatey Doku Vice-President (Higher Education)

The Black Attainment Gap is a key, established inequality that has been measured for over a decade in our higher education systems that demonstrates systemic and institutional disadvantages that impacts students with non-white heritages.

However, the causes of this difference in outcomes for black students is complex and multi-faceted. NUS is providing a suite of tools for you and your institution to use, and this session will introduce them. We will also have an opportunity to discuss student action you can take this year, and how NUS can further support you in this work now and continuing.


Imagining a better TEF: What if the Teaching Excellence Framework actually measured teaching excellence? 

Speaker: Sarah Kerton and Hannah Sketchley/ Policy NUS

This year, NUS is looking at what a Teaching Excellence Framework that actually measures teaching excellence might look like.

From the inclusion of the NSS to rising tuition fees, there is widespread consensus among students that the TEF isn't fit for purpose.

Yet, imagining a better TEF has to go far beyond thinking about the merits of individual metrics and tinkering around the edges of the proposed system. We need to ask ourselves what we perceive as quality teaching across different sectors and diverse educational practices, and how we can work together - across the education sector - to bring about a system, or framework, which truly encourages and enhances teaching quality.


Higher Education accountability will take place on day 2 at 9am.

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