Make a difference and impact on the lives of students

Zone Committees work on key issues that students are facing on campuses and in their lives. Zones deal with issues that affect the study and development of students, the provision of effective representation and support, their wellbeing in institutions and homes, and their relationships with wider society and the world. Your work will ensure that we can continue to win for students.


Learn new skills in Communication, Policy Analysis and Development

The work that NUS does is prioritised and decided through policy. Zone committees play a crucial part in the policy formation process, working on proposals that are discussed and adopted at National Conference. You’ll gain skills in policy analysis and shape the development of the ideas discussed at Zones Conference.


Support the Vice President with projects and areas of importance

Each 'Zone' is based around a ‘key theme’, which will be examined and debated by Zones Committees. You’ll shape the priorities of the zone and support the Vice-President in their vital work. Committee members also act as advisors and critical friends for the vice-president, scrutinising the work that they do. You could also have the opportunity to take on additional projects that are important to the movement.


Be part of a movement and represent students from across the UK

As a Committee member you consult and represent members, and understand how problems impact their lives. You develop policy that is important to them and ensure that NUS champions it. Being part of the movement gives you the opportunity to build your networks and share and grow ideas.


Shape the Future of NUS

Zone committees allow us to understand problems as a movement, form our collective beliefs and take ownership of solutions. Your contribution to this work will drive research and develop policy that shapes the future direction of NUS.