26 & 27 March 2019 | THE UNION 21 Higher Cambridge Street Manchester, M15 6AD 

This year, the event will focus on tangible learnings that you, as commercial professionals, can take away and use to deliver success in your SU.  If you are responsible for commercial services in your students’ union, or you are a senior staff member interested in the commercial governance of our movement then this is the event for you.

We’ve listened to membership feedback and introduced tailored sessions that will help build your expertise, giving you access to the relevant tools, insight and knowledge to improve your commercial services.

We’ll show you how your students’ union can be more self-sufficient and we’ll also take a look at how you can innovate, grow and improve profitability across your commercial services, with the over-arching aim to strengthen and grow our collective capability.  

This will include discussions on the future of NUS’ work in Services following feedback from our recent consultation on the future of NUS.  Alongside this, expect the usual meetings of our Co-operative Enterprise Units (meetings of everyone who takes part in Trading Support and everyone who takes part in TOTUM), where you will have the opportunity to shape the work of NUS.

We’ll also be hosting the Best Bar None Awards – an opportunity to come together and celebrate the fantastic work students’ unions are doing across the country to promote this scheme. 

Sounds good?