The work done by the NUS Trans campaign is decided by the submission of Policy. Policy is a statement of what the campaign believes about an issue and also what it resolves to do about that issue. Unions can submit policy through motions to conference.

Submitting Policy

  • Constituent Members or individual may submit no more than one motion per zone. There is a word limit of 500 words per motion.
  • You must provide references for people, organisations or events mentioned.
  • The Form will ask for your Personal Details - We need these details to be sure the text is submitted by a member students union and to know who the proposers of the motions or amendments are. Before filling in the form please ensure that you have your secure code so that we can make sure it has been submitted legitimately. Your secure code is known by your President or chief executive. You personal details will not be included in the published version it will just state the Union.

NOTE: The deadline to submit amendments has been changed. Amendments will now be accepted up until 12pm on Friday 23rd March.