Following elections held at Trans Students' Conference 2018, please find details of the committee members who have been elected on to the committee for 2018-19.

All count sheets for this conference can be viewed by clinking here.


NUS Trans Officer                                                    Jess Bradley

Trans NEC 2nd Place                                               Natalia Mole

Asexual Students' Representative                          Jasper Williams

Bi Students' Representative                                   Montague McMorrow

Disabled Students' Representative                         Zacchaeus Snape

FE Students' Representative                                   Sam Cartwright

Non-Binary Students' Representative                    Katayoun Jalilpour

Open Place Students' Representative (job share)   Saoirse O

Open Place Students' Representative (job share)   Leo Siebert

Trans Students' Representative (job share)            Christie Neary

Trans Students' Representative (job share)            Thalia Cox

NUS Scotland Trans Students' Officer                    Ethan Wilson