Become a Board member

There are a number of opportunites to become a Board or Subcommittee member at the moment for SU staff, Externals and SU Officers

Read about the SU staff and external opportunities here


It's been a pretty busy time with handovers and exams so you may have missed the deadline for the Direction and Oversight Boards and Advisory Groups. That's why we've reopened nominations to give you a second chance to apply for the voluntary positions.

We have still have 5 positions on the NUS Services Direction and Oversight Boards, and 7 on the NUS Charitable Services Advisory Groups all for Student Union Officers. These Boards and Groups form part of the governance of NUS and are integral in supporting the 3 main Company Boards (NUS UK, NUS Services and NUS SU Charitable Services) in achieving their goals and ensuring we have a member focussed and successful membership organisation.

What are we looking for?... Student Union Officers will need to be able to think strategically, be creative and bring a range of different perspectives to the Committee. Believe passionately in the benefit of collectivism whilst at the same time understanding and balancing local SU needs.

Why stand?...Because not only will you be bringing your ideas to the table, representing your union, students and SU Officers, it means you'll be helping NUS to keep the needs of it's members at the heart of what it does. We need volunteers to help steer our work, share best practise and help continually improve the work we do.

For the first time ever the elections for these positions will be run online.

Nominations re-open today and close at 5pm on the 7 July 2016.

Click below to read the full role profiles and access the nomination form.