Elections will be held at Womens Conference 2018 for the following roles

  • NUS Womens Officer (full time, paid)
  • NUS National Executive Council Women Students Member (voluntary)
  • NUS Womens Committee (voluntary)
  • NUS Womens Students Steering Committee (voluntary)

Any Women student or full time officer at a Constituent Member of NUS or full time officer of NUS may stand for election.

National Officer

The Women's Student Officer is the lead representative of Women students in the UK and leads the work of the NUS Women Students campaign. They are responsible for acting on policy mandated at Women Students Conference and chairs the Women Students Committee, who are elected volunteers.


Nominations for the Committee will open and close at conference.

There are 15 Womens Committee positions: 

1 National Executive Council (NEC) Representative - The NEC representative will be expected to attend the 6 meetings of the NEC between Womens Campaign Conference 2017 and Womens Campaign Conference 2018. This position automatically sits on the Women Students Campaign Committee. 

1 Bi Students Representative, 1 Black Students Representative, 1 Disabled Students Representative, 1 Further Education Representative, 1 Lesbian Representative, 1 Trans Representative, 1 International Representative, 1 Postgraduate Representative, 1 Caring Responsibilities Representative, 4 Open Place Representatives, 1 Queer Representative

4 Steering Committee Members