NUS Calendar and Deadlines

Ensuring quality events across our movement is a strategic priority

We are continually striving to ensure that our events programme offers a quality, engaging and value adding set of events. Through our events programe we aim to ensure every event builds capacity and influence and they enable us to be more effective and influential. We will draw on the expertise of students’ union officers and staff, external speakers and experts within NUS.

With over 100 events each year including conferences, training programmes and workshops, it can often be difficult to navigate through all of NUS’ activity and so we have put together this calendar and guide to our key dates for you to plan your year head.

NUS Calendar of Events

At NUS we are continually striving to ensure that our events programme offers high quality, engaging and valuable interactions with our members. We want every event to build capacity and influence in our movement, drawing where we can on the expertise of officers and staff in students’ unions and NUS, and knowledge from those outside the movement too.  

With this in mind we are pleased to announce the 2016/2017 NUS calendar of events which is now available on NUS Connect.

Most of our annual events appear in the same place in the calendar, as they make up our democratic governance and learning and development cycles. 

Key changes from previous years are:

  • Strategic Conversation has moved from May to December and will take place on 13-14 December 2016. At this event we will discuss strategic priorities and challenges across the movement, gain insight from other sectors and have our members meeting to report on mid-year performance.
  • The reintroduction of Convention on 4-5 April will have a clear focus around the work of the movement to support excellent students’ unions.  Discussions will be held around key strategic themes, opportunities and new thinking around our Union Development and enterprise work. Election of DOBs and Advisory Group members will also take place.
  • Students’ Unions Local events have been removed following feedback that they were too complex for a one-day event.  We are currently looking at alternative ways to disseminate key information.

In response to feedback from members, we will ensure that we are clear in advance about the target audience, and the purpose and benefits of attending.

Key event dates are:-

  • Chief Executive Networking
  • Zone Conferences – 25th – 27th October 2016
  • Strategic Conversation – 13-14th December 2016
  • Convention – 4-5th April 2017
  • National Conference - 25-27th April 2017
  • SU2017 – 4th-5th July 2017
  • Trade Show – 6th July 2017

Please note that we occasionally add new events to the calendar through the course of the year and will update you should this happen.

We will be launching a new, online and interactive calendar on NUS Connect by January 2017. 

We are also currently undertaking a full events review so if you have any comments/feedback that you would like included please email

Any questions regarding the calendar should be sent to

The Calendar

The Events section provides the detail for each event in the calendar and provides you with the link to register.

We aim to confirm as many of the dates as we can but sometimes we have to make changes. We hope not to make any substantial changes, however if we do we will communicate this and republish a new version here. 




The Deadlines

In addition to the calendar we have developed a schedule of the deadlines our members need to know. This includes deadlines like: 'deadline to submit a motion', 'deadline to challenge a nomination' and other democratic deadlines. To help members' awareness of deadlines we have also incorporated them into a page for each of the conferences titled 'Deadlines and Agenda' where you can add the deadline directly to your calendar. 

We hope you find the publication of these dates way in advance of the conference helpful for work planning. Please also note the importance of adhering to these deadlines to enable us to have a well organised and enjoyable event.