Elections will be held at International Students Conference 2018 for the following roles

  • NUS International Students Officer (full time, paid)
  • International Students place on the National Executive Council (voluntary). In the event that the Officer is an EU student the additional National Executive Council member must be non-EU and vice-versa.
  • 4 International Students Committee Open places (voluntary)

Any student or full-time officer that are defined as a part of a section at a Constituent Member of NUS or a full-time officer of NUS may stand for election.

Please note: the elections form cannot be saved and returned to. Please ensure you have 20 mins of time and all the documents you need to hand.

International Students Officer

The International Students' Officer is the lead representative of international students in the UK and leads the work of the NUS International Students' campaign. They are responsible for acting on policy mandated at International Students Conference.


Nominations for the Committee will open and close at conference.