Disabled Students

National Union of Students welcomes your participation at our annual Disabled Students Conference, taking place on 2-3 May 2018.

NUS Disabled Students' Conference is the sovereign policy-making body of the Disabled Students' Campaign which is a politically autonomous part of NUS UK.

This Conference brings together delegates from students' unions affiliated to NUS UK to discuss, debate and vote on motions and elect the political leadership for the year ahead.

Disabled Students Conference Rules

Disabled Students Campaign: Motions Guide

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Delegate Entitlement

Each Students' Union is entitled to send 1 delegate with voting and speaking rights and up to 3 observers who will have speaking rights but no voting rights. The delegate must be elected and is free of charge. Observers will have an additional charge at registration. 

Key Dates

8 Januray 2018

Opening of motions and nominations for full time officer   

20 March 2018

Motions and Reports deadline

20 March 2018

Amendments deadline  

20 March 2018

Close of nominations for Disabled Students’ Officer  

17 April 2018

Close of registration for attending conference

16 April 2018

Close of challenge to Disabled Students’ Officer candidates   

If you reqire Additional Information about this conference please contact