About NUS Democratic Conferences

NUS is led by students and students’ unions.You actively shape and lead our campaigns Every year we run a series of events across the UK to bring together students and build focused, high-impact campaigns that can win. 

These events are NUS’ democratic conferences and we hold one in each part of the UK plus a dedicated Liberation Conference. In our democratic spaces, we come together to grasp at the root of the big issues facing students today. 

In the interest of the safety of students attending our events and in line with expected Covid-19 restrictions, all of our 2021 democratic events will take place online.

The covid-19 pandemic and its impact on students has exposed the issues at the heart of our education. As we rebuild society, we need a strong new vision for funded, accessible and lifelong education. Our Conference will bring students together to build and shape the next steps of our campaigns to get there.

You can expect conference spaces to be themed around the next steps of our #StudentsDeserveBetter campaign, our New Vision for Education campaign,  plus other major priorities for the student movement – including Decolonising Education, campaigning on student mental health in Wales and Northern Ireland, preparing for elections in Scotland and Wales. Expect feedback and dialogue with our officers and across the movement on what has been happening plus sessions building our core campaigning skills to take this work forward. Our conferences this year will be campaigns conferences built around our Plan for Action. 

Find out more about what each democratic space is about

•    National Conference
•    Liberation Conference
•    Scotland Conference
•    Wales Conference
•    NUS-USI Conference

Conferences also serve as a space to shape upcoming priorities for students, students’ unions and NUS. We’ll therefore be bringing students together before, during and after conference to shape what NUS will be vocal and visible on. These sessions will be part of conversations to continue to shape the campaigning priorities for our movement in the future and we will be trying out new ways of holding discussions that ensure everyone gets to participate and put their views forward.  Read more about submitting ideas here.

Last year for the first time in NUS’ history our Officer team was elected on two year terms. So rather than electing a new officer leadership these conferences serve as a place for dialogue, discussion and scrutiny over the campaigning work our officers have undertaken. In addition, there will be a number of elections for committee positions which you can read about here.