About NUS UK Democratic Conferences

NUS UK Democratic Conferences are one of the ways that members can input into the work of NUS. Made up of students from our members across the country these are exciting, lively spaces where students can come together to build movements and campaigns for change.

Our Democratic Conferences have three key purposes:

•    Scrutiny: Holding elected officers to account and scrutinising the work of NUS.
•    Setting the direction of NUS: Creating campaigns and policy to set the direction and guide the work of NUS UK.
•    Electing our leaders: Holding elections for NUS UK officers who take forward the work of NUS as set by Conferences.

For each of NUS’s Democratic Conferences, each of our member Students’ Unions is entitled to send a certain number of Delegates to attend, speak and vote. This is known as Delegate Entitlement.

NUS Democratic Conferences are:

•    National Conference
•    Liberation Conference (incorporating space for our Black, Disabled, LGBT+, Trans and Women Students Campaigns)
•    Scotland Conference
•    NUS-USI Conference
•    Wales Conference