At Disabled Students Conference 2019 the following positions will be elected

Disabled Students' Officer - Full Time Officer Position

The Chief Returning Officer is pleased to announce the following candidates standing for the position of NUS Disabled Students' Officer. The election will take place at Disabled Students' Conference 2019

The deadline to challenge nominations is 12noon on May 3rd. Challenges should be sent to

Piers Wilkinson Piers Wilkinson Image

Vote Piers #1 for Your DSO

Hello, my name is Piers and I am a student at Bangor University, and for the last two years I have been your NEC 2nd Place. I’ve led the Disabled Students’ Campaign’s education policy work ensuring that disabled students have a voice at a national level, sitting on multiple governmental groups from assistive technology to inclusive environmental sustainability. Vote for me as the candidate who will prioritise being recognised as a political campaign which will fight for our rights and access to education and wider society.

Download Manifesto (PDF)

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Nominated by:

Samantha Cummins - Fife College,  Hamsavani Rajeswaren - Queen's University Belfast Students' Union, Myriam Kane - Westminster Kingsway College Students' Union, Josh Bebbington - Bangor University Students' Union, Rob Noon - NUS, Sara Khan - University of Manchester Students' Union, Leo Siebert - University of Strathclyde Students' Union, Muna Ali - Union of Kingston Students, Emrys Travis - Cambridge University Students' Union - Greenwich Students' Union, Harriet Ruddick - University of Salford Students' Union, Kashmire Hawker - Sheffield Hallam Students' Union.


Re-Open Nominations

The option to reopen nominations is a choice available on each election

Committee Positions (Volunteer)

The following positions will also be elected at Conference. Nominations will open and close at the Conference. 

Disabled Students' NEC Representative 2nd Place (x1)

Disabled Students' Steering Committee (x3)

  • 1-Year Position (x1)
  • 2-Year Position (x2)