Election Results 2018

Following elections held at Black Students' Conference 2018, please find details of the committee members who have been elected on to the committee for 2018-19.

Any members divided by a " / " indicate a job share, holding one position on the committee.

Full Time Officer                               Ilyas Nagdee

NEC 2nd Place                                   Fope Olaleye

Open Place Representative               Myriam Kane / Amal Bider, Larissa Kennedy & Aaron Thompson

Women Students' Representative     Eden Mesfun / Afoma Ojukwu &  Amanie Mathurin / Beverley Isibor

Further Education Representative     Cosob Awil & Romana Jabeen / Juliana Mohamad Noor

Disabled Students' Representative   Feisal Haji / Leen Al Najjab

LGBT Students' (Womens Place) Representative      Jennifer Bello / Kelechi Chioba

LGBT Students' (Open Place) Representative           Zeid Truscott / Thai Braddick

Postgraduate Students' Representative          Zahra Choudhry / Ahtesham Mahmood

Mature Students' Representative      Deej Malik-Johnson / Sophia Moreau

International Students' Representative          Manish Khatri / Sahib Singh

Steering Committee (Womens' Place)   Nyasha Mutezo & Mary Ojo

Steering Committee (Open Place)           Ade Adebanjo, Luwa Adeniji-Fashola & Mark Boansi