Delegate Entitlements

For each of NUS’s Democratic Conferences, each of our member Students’ Unions is entitled to send a certain number of Delegates to attend, speak and vote. This is known as Delegate Entitlement. This is defined in the NUS UK Rules and set by the Democratic Procedures Committee.

Delegate Entitlement is calculated differently for each Conference. This is listed below along with a link to find your Students’ Union’s Delegate Entitlement.

National Conference and Nations Conferences

National Conference and Conferences in the Nations are based on student numbers and calculated in a way to maximise participation in the Conferences. Student Numbers are calculated (with part time students weighted) and then divided by a number which gives us your delegate entitlement. The number we divide this by is arrived on to ensure the overall level of participation in the Conference is set at the right level.

National Conference delegates must be elected by cross-campus ballot. In addition, 50% of delegates registered for conference must self-define as women. This is rounded down so e.g. if you send 5 delegates, 2 must self-define as women. These two provisions were voted for by Conference during the 2019 Reform debate so therefore still apply as in previous years.

View National Conference and Nations Conferences Delegate Entitlements here

Liberation Conference

The NUS UK Liberation Conference has a fixed delegate entitlement for each Union. The number of delegates you can send is not linked to your student numbers.

Each Union may send a maximum of six delegates. The six delegate spaces are reserved for delegates who self-define into the groups which are represented at Liberation Conference. The reserved places are as follows:

•    One Black* Student

•    One additional place for a Black* Woman Student

•    One Trans Student

•    One LGBT+ Student

•    One Disabled Student

•    One Woman Student

Delegates that self-define into multiple Liberation groups may participate, vote, speak and contribute to any of the caucuses they are eligible to attend.

Our Liberation officers have urged Unions this year to prioritise the participation of Black Students (particularly Black Women) and Disabled Students. Therefore Students’ Unions are asked to prioritise these places when sending delegates. If you are unable to do this you’ll be asked to indicate this as part of the registration process to let Democratic Procedures Committee know why you are unable to fill these spaces.

There is no requirement for a cross-campus ballot for these delegates, however if you choose to select your delegates we would advise you do this in conjunction with Liberation Societies within your Students’ Union.

*the NUS use Black to mean students from African, Asian, Arab and Caribbean heritage