We want to enable students to come together to take coordinated action on key issues across the country. So we have made £5,000 available to fund your student projects designed to tackle the big issues.

In order to be eligible for the funding, your application will be assessed against the following criteria, and must be:

  • Impactful - Be clear about the difference you want to make on this issue and why
  • Strategic - Be clear about how the activity you want us to fund will result in the difference you want to make
  • Collaborative - Involve a minimum of three other students (because three’s a crowd)

And relate to one of our four priority policy areas:

  1. Mental Health this might be campaigning for students to get better access to counseling or challenging the route causes of mental distress
  2. Race and Internationalism this might be events for Islamophobia Awareness or Black History Month or supporting international students
  3. Social and political engagement this might be campaigning to tackle knife crime and gang culture or running a campaign for votes at 16
  4. Student Poverty this might be campaigning to reduce student bus prices or against extortionate landlord fees

The examples given are just that, examples – intended to illustrate rather than to limit the activity you could take.

In addition, there are a limited number of logistical criteria necessary for a successful application. You or your student group must be registered at an NUS-affiliated students’ union and have an SU officer contact. If you’re not sure what this means check with your students’ union first.

Once the activity is agreed, you should communicate the details to NUS and include the NUS Activities Fund logo on all promotional material.

Each application for funding will be capped at £500, so you should budget for your proposed campaign accordingly.

The deadline for applications is at least one month before your proposed activity. After the deadline we’ll be back in touch to let you know if you’ve been successful.

The decision-making process will be conducted by a selection panel consisting of NUS Vice President (Union Development), the relevant NUS Vice President to the campaign you are running, Union Development Zone members, and a member of the Student Opportunities Charity Advisory Group.