Prevent Helpline: free, confidential advice

Since the Prevent Duty was introduced more than a year ago now, NUS has been inundated with cases and questions from students and officers. To help manage how we best support and advise issues relating to this invasive, racist policy; we are now providing a helpline which you can call confidentially.

We are here to support you. Whether you are:

  • An officer whose been invited to Prevent Duty meetings, and don’t know how to respond
  • A student who wants your union to adopt Prevent non-compliance policy but don’t know where to start
  • A club or society who has had an event cancelled due to a speaker - or noticed increased monitoring of the prayer room.

Whatever your issue relating to Prevent, NUS can offer advice.

You can now call our free help line on 07741264037 at anytime and we answer your call or return it within 24 hours.

Calls will be confidential and handled by NUS representatives. Please note we cannot give legal advice but we will be also be able to signpost you to other sources of help and support.