No Place for Hate

Hate fuelled violence and rhetoric is on the up following the EU referendum, the election of Donald Trump and the rise of a reenergised and rebranded far-right, and we know that students and their diverse communities have been directly affected by this.

NUS has always had a longstanding commitment to liberation and fighting hate, oppression and the multiple ways that they manifest in the education system and in wider society but in this current climate it has become necessary to revisit and reflect on the tactics and arguments that we employ in effectively fighting it.

We have identified hate crime and harassment as a priority issue and we are developing an action plan to tackle hate crime on campus as well as in wider society. Over the coming months we will be;

  • Holding a series of roundtable meetings bringing together experts across the campaigning, legal, grassroots and academic fields to understand hate crime from a range of perspectives;
  • A one day summit to organise against hate, racism and xenophobia featuring high profile speakers and workshops;
  • Launching an online hate crime hub
  • Identifying and sharing best practice from both an institution and students’ union perspective;
  • Creating tools to support our membership in tackling hate crime e.g. providing guidance on monitoring, reporting mechanisms and victim support

On this section of NUS Connect, you;'ll find a suite of resources focused on helping to tackle and eradicate hate crime in all it's forms, including; sexism and misogyny, racism and xenophobia, disablism, LGBTphobia and religious hate crime.

Learning from experts and activists across sectors is crucial to ensuring our approach is relevant in a fast changing context so keep an eye out for tools from other organisations who challenge hate crime and build safer communities that we will be adding along with NUS resources over the coming months.