No to No Deal

While many groups are actively engaged in lobbying on aspects of Brexit, and in turn have various interpretations of what format Brexit should or should not take, there is very widespread support for the avoidance of a no deal scenario; regardless of views on Brexit itself.

Many groups and individuals have been busy actively highlighting the long list of problems created by a no deal outcome. These interventions have had a significant impact on the Brexit debate, but in the lead up to the 31 October deadline, it would be preferable to maximize and amplify this messaging towards Westminster and the media. 

To this end, the No To No Deal campaign is seeking to draw support from a wide range of individuals and organisations within a common campaign message/platform.

Students and young people, many of whom were born after the Good Friday Agreement, deserve hope not a future of lost opportunities as a result of a no deal Brexit. Given the startling impact a no deal Brexit will have across the UK, on key issues like mobility, Erasmus, Horizon 2020 and Good Friday Agreement protections, we feel that a no deal outcome will be a disaster.

That’s why we’re asking you, as a member of NUS, to join us in backing this new campaign opposed to a No Deal Brexit

Supported by all NUS presidents the campaign provides a broad umbrella under which a range of perspectives can be harnessed to work together for the common purpose of ensuring no deal does not happen. 

There will be flexibility for organisations to be involved as little or as much as they prefer. The commonality between groups will be their resistance to No Deal. 

You’ll find more information on the campaign at and read the campaign statement here but you can pledge your support now by signing up to the campaign. Individuals can pledge support by adopting social media frames and engaging with posts. 

* Please note that if you are joining the campaign on behalf of a students' union, you must have permission from your President.

The campaign will largely be based online, with the aim of creating a large social media presence of people and organisations opposing a No Deal Brexit. It would also be very helpful if organisations can share existing or new case studies that emphasize the impact of No Deal. 
Please use these campaign logos, social media graphics and frames to share the campapign on your social media platforms. 

For more information visit (please note this website may not open in Chrome or Explorer so you may need to use a different browser).