National Education Service

It’s Time for a National Education Service



We’re asking students and Full Time Officers to join our campaign to build an education system which sees education as a public good, a benefit to all of us, and an institution to be valued like the NHS.

Here, you will find a collection of resources, information, and calls to action, which will help us build a National Education Service over the next decade.

Our ambitions are huge but that’s exactly why it is worth doing. We’re going to build a new education system which is:

Accessible: Education should be available to all and we will break down the institutional and financial barriers which mean that is not the case now.

Funded: There should be a parity of funding between Further and Higher Education and more directed funding to meet social and economic needs.

Life-long: Students should be able to continue to learn throughout their lives, change career, retrain, and develop new skills.  To do that we need flexible funding and learning opportunities attached to institutions with deep civic responsibilities.

This is a campaign which will bring our movement together around the most pressing education challenges of our time.  

It’s now up to us to seize the urgency of this moment to build a campaign over the next six months, win the public debate in the next three years, and deliver a National Education Service in ten years.

We have a clear vision but we need to campaign based on your local provision whether that is in terms of devolved government or modes of study.

We’re going to need your skills, ambitions, and ideas to help us reach our goal, so join us now!


Zamzam Ibrahim

NUS National President


You can also check out our NES leaflet and use the NES menu on the left-hand side of this page to access the Frequently Asked Questions.

Remember to visit this hub regularly for more updates.


Below you can watch Zamzam launching National Education Service campaign at Lead and Change 2019 in Bath.