Join the campaign for cheaper, better transport

The cost and quality of transport is an issue raised by students across the country, over and over again.

Students suffer from poor, unreliable services on public transport such as buses, trains and trams.

Most students receive no financial support and struggle to afford the cost of transport, and apprentices often get an even worse deal.

That’s why we’ve launched #myFEjourney, our new campaign for cheaper, better transport for FE students and apprentices.

What can we do about it?

With transport, students’ unions have shown that local campaigns really work.

Decisions are made by local councils and transport companies, and they have the power to improve services and introduce discounts.

Your college leadership can also take action that makes a difference to the lives of your students, such as subsidising travel or buying NUS extra cards for students.

The campaign is also a great opportunity to join with other local students’ unions and campaign together.

How can we get involved?

Planning to take part in the campaign? Email to sign up and receive an introductory pack.

We will also have a couple of giant #myFEjourney buses to help you in your campaign – let us know if you would like to host them!

We also have downloadable resources to help you in your campaign, step by step: