Students' Union Guides

How to increase funding for the resources you need in order to deliver your work, campaigns and projects for your students on your campus.

A big part of what I do is support your union and make sure you have the tools to develop it. This is why I am excited to release this funding guide. It is a collaborative project between NUS, sabbatical officers, and staff from students’ unions from across the UK who believe that enough is enough – it is time that we show our value through our impact. The purpose of this guide is to provide a range of funding ideas for students’ unions, based on feedback from the officers and staff that participated in the development of this project, as well as utilising some of the key information in the NUS Quality Students’ Unions quality mark. In this guide you will find case studies showcasing best practice in several areas, whether it be societies and sports clubs, campaigns, core services or boosting your overall block grant. From FE students’ unions, to small and specialist unions, to large students’ unions, it provides a diverse range of funding strategy guidance, aimed at supporting you, no matter your situation

The 5 themes covered in this SU funding guide are:

- Block grant

- Sports clubs and societies

- Campaigns & liberation 

- Commercial services

This could be part 1 of a series of guides, we'd still be interested in hearing from you if you’d like to be involved. You could input into the above categories or we'd like to cover off Welfare and Academic and Advice topics, along with any other specific areas that are important to you. So get in touch today and have chat about it, e-mail me at

Thank you to all those who have taken part so far, enjoy taking a look at the Students' Union Funding Guide to see how it can assist your Students' Union Funding strategy today.  🙂

Erica Ramos

Vice President, Union Development