Friday 2nd December 2016

Students across the UK are not being listened to. We’re being shut out of decisions affecting us.


Across Further Education we are seeing budgets slashed, SUs deprioritised, staff jobs put at risk. In a fast-changing sector student voice is being considered an unaffordable luxury, rather than a core feature of a good education.


In Northern Ireland students’ unions remain completely unprotected in law, while in England, the government’s Higher Education and Research Bill has proposed huge shake ups to universities and downplayed the value of students’ unions.


Those who value student representation need to show it. Let’s make sure everyone knows the value of what we do for all students.


Friday 2 December will be #LoveSUs Day, where we come together to highlight the impact of students’ unions, why we are incredibly proud of all our amazing work, and why decision makers need to take student voice seriously. On #LoveSUs Day we ask you to highlight the fantastic work students' unions do each and every day.  Last year we received a huge amount of support with students, officers and others sharing the reasons why they love students' unions. So much so that #LoveSUs was trending all day on Twitter!

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