The government are trying to pull the plug on further education. Don’t let them.

The Further Education sector is on life support. Slowly but surely it has had the life squeezed out of it. We’ve seen cuts to EMA, the adult skills budget carved up, slashing of ESOL funding, axing of courses and adult student numbers crashing.

What are Area Reviews?

As a result of continual cuts, many FE institutions are in financial decline. The government has decided to run a process of mergers – basically cutting up and sticking colleges back together. They’re calling the process ‘Area Reviews’.

What is NUS doing?

During the reviews (which take place over the next two years) we need to make sure students are heard loud and clear.

Big changes will be made and if students aren’t at the heart of these, the face of further education will fundamentally change.

Our #FEunplugged campaign is here to help you in this fight.

Here’s Holly, our Policy Assistant, explaining the campaign (further info is available online here).

What can students’ unions do?

Students’ unions can join the #FEunplugged campaign in a number of ways: